Dentistry in ancient Egypt

Dentistry began many years ago in ancient Egypt. It was invented to help the sick, but over time the Egyptian people started medical schools that taught dentistry. The ancient Egyptians began to study it as a profession and this contributed much to the resolution of cases related to dental problems.

The treatment of dental diseases was done using various tools such as bone saws, chisels and other varieties of dental instruments. Other diseases included retreating tooth decay and gums. Abrasion, a type of dental disease was very common among the ancient Egyptians. According to historical findings, Egypt is considered to have started dentistry. The ancient Egyptians had a common way of treating the teeth, in particular the molars with which they used the ropes to join the molar teeth.

The methods that have been learned during the study of dentistry have always been recorded in order to facilitate the treatment of teeth when necessary. What was recorded regarding the treatment of teeth also included how to treat wounds in the mouth. Despite the studies on how to treat teeth, it was still complex to perform it mainly because the treatment of the teeth required a lot of caution. During ancient Egypt, whenever a tooth problem occurred, it was treated by extracting the tooth or drilling the cavities.

Carrying on this was something painful but the ancient Egyptians had already received a prescription for wounds. Archaeologists have discovered mummies with raw metal bandages around their teeth and believe the bands were used to create pressure around the teeth. It has also been discovered that the lost teeth were reattached by means of silver or gold wire to the neighboring teeth. But it is not completely proven, if these procedures were performed during the patient’s life or after death. Because the Egyptians appreciated the appearance of the dead, to make sure they were sent correctly to the afterlife.

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