[:en]The Tell El Amarna Period – Carl Niebuhr – Ebook[:]



[:en]Under this title is being issued a series of short, popular, but thoroughly scientific studies, by the leading scholars of Germany, setting forth the recent discoveries and investigations in Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian History, Religion, and Archeology, especially as they bear upon the traditional views of early Eastern History. The German originals have been appearing during the last eighteen months. The English translations made by Miss Jane Hutchison have been submitted in each case to the Authors, and embody their latest views. Short, helpful bibliographies are added. Each study consists of some 64 to 80 pages, crown 8vo, and costs 1s. sewed, or 1s. 6d. cloth.

The Tell El Amarna Period
Carl Niebuhr
21 luglio 2016
ISBN – 9788898301638
Harmakis Edizioni
Protezione: Nessuna  
Lingua: English

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