The Esoteric Meaning of the Myth of Osiris



The figure of Osiris can be considered part of a quaternary and a ternary: the relationships with his brothers Seth, Isis and Neb-het, configure a quaternary made of two pairs, while his relationship with Isis and her son Horus give rise to a ternary. Osiris and Seth are the figure of two opposing powers but complementary: if the first is the command of the second is the Chaos, if the first is related to the world of the living and therefore fertility, to the generation and re-generation, the beneficent sunshine the second is related to the desert, the heat that destroys evil, the dryness which is death.

Seth actually has a positive value we see in its depiction while, on the boat of Ra, with the spear pierces the snake Apep to enhance flow of God; both poles, Osiris and Seth, are necessary for the realization of the sovereign power: the Pharaoh is placed under the protection of Horus, son of Osiris and Seth, because he resolves the opposition of the two deities in an act of cosmic balance , since the Pharaoh is a living image of Atum-Ra. One is inconceivable without the opposite being the other, on the level of the event the two forces are simultaneously without cancel each other.


Each of them corresponds to a female goddess: Isis or Iset, the Throne Lady, powerful magic, and Nephthys, or Neb-het, the Mistress of the House; with their male paredri they create two related couples by the fact that in some way Seth and Neb-het constitute a “container element” of Osiris and Isis, which represent the “content elements”: Chaos surrounds the Cosmos, that is, the ‘Existing ordered, as its etymology says the same, and the House contains the Throne which is the focal point, as a source of power (remember that in Egypt the Pharaoh’s power is transmitted in the female line, even if you exercise according to a patriarchal line).

The demarcation of Osiris and Isis powers allows the perfect identification no possible errors of assessment: either you are or you are in the Order in Chaos, no dangerous intermediate shades. At the same time this limit forms a “defensive perimeter” that allows an explication of the creative potential without harmful interference from the negative forces, such as the Pentacle magic delimits the area within which to implement the operation. Now consider the ternary: Osiris is the spiritual being figure, or “soul” as Mayassis says, that consists “of three of the same energy and the same essence and decomposes into three different aspects to operate the cosmic drama.”

The myth of Osiris being the spiritual transformation through three steps: the first “soul” is Osiris, perfect and radiant soul that descends into the lower regions of creation where it undergoes the transition to multiplicity (the “dismemberment”). From the decay which is rupture of unity in the manifold draws the second “soul”, that is Isis: she re-creates it by bringing together the separate limbs, thus the soul is restored in its original unity through the “transition to black” of initiatory death and be raised in the form of the third “soul” Horus, “the soul-child become sublime light, solar and divine, the final shape and supreme consubstantiality triadic soul. Osiris is Horus on his return to the divine regions once abandoned. “

The Isis action excites the memory of this well forgotten it and leads the transformation in “Horus” (Mayassis cit.). We believe interesting the verb used by Mayassis in relation to the work of Isis, “exciting” because it indicates a fiery feminine qualities in the element that is Isis, the Great of Magic, which is found in piromagia of the Brotherhood rituals Miriam, in fact, dedicated to Isis: the Isis female fire is needed to revive the cold corpse and allow the creation of the new fire that is Horus, perfect and definitive form of Osiris.

The esoteric interpretation of Osiris giving Mayassis not, however, accounts for the reason of the “fall” of the soul-Osiris: the cause of the switchover from the manifold may be related to a lack of stability or to an “incomplete” dell ‘ soul, overshadowed by the myth in a drunken state to which he is subject in the banquet offered to him by Seth and according to other texts from the violence he does to Neb-het, his sister and wife of Seth. In each case the cause of soul-Osiris decay is the loss of the state of self-consciousness, qualities that must be maintained in the path of initiation, as we have written many times in this essay.

Taken from Anemos by Leonardo Lovari

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